Back Like We Never Left!

Hey homeschooling families!!! Until recently, we too a long break from social media, blogging, and the internet BUT we’re still unschooling, we're still in Washington, DC, and now we’re back like we never left! Here are some of the things that we were doing during our break: Becoming Semi-Professional Board Gamers We love board games… Continue reading Back Like We Never Left!

(To Go) To School or Not (To Go)…??

With all schools, in the United States, starting within the next month or so (if they haven't already begun), families still having opposing opinions on whether or not they want their children to attend in-person school. We have heard from those who are completely against their children participating in any activities that involve being in… Continue reading (To Go) To School or Not (To Go)…??

Homeschooling…Unschooling…Pandemic Schooling. What’s The Difference?

When the whole world shut down last spring and every family with kids was forced to school at home, you may have been bombarded with the terms homeschooling, unschooling, and/or pandemic schooling and wondered, "Is there a difference?". To many, these terms might have the same (or a similar) meaning and, to a certain degree,… Continue reading Homeschooling…Unschooling…Pandemic Schooling. What’s The Difference?