Welcome to 2020 Too!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Welcome to 2020 too (aka 2022).

If you’re like us, it’s hard to believe that we are in the year two thousand twenty two already. We still feel like we’re back in 2020 (when the world shut down). Even though a lot of the world has opened up, including all of the U.S., our family has still been very socially-distant. It kinda sucks because… we miss “socialization”… but it’s also been a blessing because we’ve been healthy but know so many families who are currently affected by Omicron. If you are one of those families, we hope you have a quick and painless recovery!

Sharing this, because we know you are interested (LOL) …. Today (3 January 2022), we got the first snowstorm of the season. It’s crazy to know that it can be in the 60s (degrees Fahrenheit) one day and less than 24 hours later, there is at least 8 inches of snow on the ground.

With the beginning of a new year, many people create resolutions or goals. Some of you might be here because you were curious about ours (do you follow us on Instagram yet?). So, without further ado, here are our 2022 goals:

Big Bruh:

Lately, Big Bruh has been talking a lot about wanting a flat stomach (like his slightly older cousin). We know that his age is when some children become overly concerned with their body image & weight and we want to encourage positive self-talk! So, our conversations will be more about healthy eating habits and keeping our bodies moving.

Lil Bruh:

Lil Bruh is so easy to please. He just wants to play with friends and to have whatever his older brother wants/has.

Mom & Dad:

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That’s it! That’s all. We don’t necessarily want anything big and fancy. We are happy. We are blessed. We are together. Our goal is to do just as good as last year … or better!!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions or goals??

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