Thank you!!!!!!

During these tough times, it’s easy to get stressed, depressed, discouraged, anxious, and all of the other feelings! Many of us are losing money; we haven’t seen/touched our friends and family in many weeks; and our daily tasks are very different these days. Despite all of this, its extremely important to thank all of the folks who are working on the “front lines” in order to keep the country (and world) from crashing completely!

Thank you, not only to the doctors/nurses/healthcare professionals, who are working directly (or indirectly) with those infected by this novel virus but, also to the mail and delivery service (USPS/UPS/FEDEX, food, packages, groceries, etc.) employees, grocery and restaurant employees, the truck drivers who are getting all of these supplies to their destination(s), teachers who are adapting to new methods of educating their students, the folks who dedicate their lives to protect and service (e.g., police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.), and all essential employees (especially those who have to fight for a livable wage).

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